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Talent Dashboard

Your Talent Dashboard is your starting place to use the Backstage casting platform. The Talent Dashboard conveniently displays the status of your applications, your profile, your message inbox, invitations from casting directors, and more.

Your Talent Dashboard is located at We recommend bookmarking it and checking in frequently!


At a Glance

The At a Glance section, located at the top of the Dashboard page, provides a snapshot of important notifications: 


The categories of notifications are as follows:

  • New Messages - new messages you've received in your inbox. To learn more about Backstage's Messaging System, visit the messaging inbox article.
  • New Invitations - new invitations from casting directors requesting you apply to their projects.
  • Audition Requests - new invitations from casting directors requesting a self tape audition.
  • Draft Applications - applications you’ve saved for later, that you need to finish and submit for consideration.
  • New Roles Matched - new roles in casting search you qualify for based on your profile details, that you should check and consider.

Click the hyperlinked text associated with each notification to be taken to the corresponding area of the site, such as the Message Inbox or your Applications.


With the Applications section of your Talent Dashboard, you can view your applications according to their status. The default view is a list of all of your applications. click the top menu in the Applications section to filter your applications according to their status:


Here’s a list of what each application status type means:

  • All - This view will show every application in your applications queue.
  • Invites - Invitations from casting directors to apply to their projects.
  • Drafts - Applications you’ve saved for later. These are incomplete or draft applications.
  • Active - Applications to projects that are still open and seeking talent to fill their roles.
  • Auditions - Applications with the self tape auditions.
  • Archived - Applications to projects whose casting calls have expired and are no longer accepting new submissions.

Click 'View in My Applications' at the bottom of the Applications box to go to the Applications section of Backstage.

My Profile

The My Profile section of your Talent Dashboard displays how completion progress of your Backstage Profile:


The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to get work!

The actor above has a profile score of 7 - they have yet to add any audio files to their profile. Click the 'Edit Profile' button at the bottom of the My Profile box to add new elements to your Backstage Profile. 

*Please note that this score is for your eyes only. Casting directors cannot see your profile score. 


The Messages section of the Talent Dashboard shows the most recent messages you’ve received in your Backstage Message Inbox:


The blue circle next to the message copy indicates that the message is a new message, and has not been read yet.

Either click on a particular message to read it, or click 'View all Messages' to go to your Message Inbox.

Click here to learn more about the Messaging Inbox

Media Locker

The Media Locker section of your Talent Dashboard shows the amount of each type of media you have stored on


Click the 'Go to Media Locker' link at the bottom of this module to manage your photos, video & audio reels, and documents on Backstage.

Click here to read more about the Media Locker and how it works.

Recently Viewed Productions

This section shows you all of your most recently viewed productions for easy navigation.  Select any of the productions in the list to be brought to that specific casting call.


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