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The Messages Inbox

Backstage’s messaging system makes it simple to manage communication between talent and talent seekers while protecting your privacy.

The Messages Inbox is the place to read and respond to messages you've received.

To access the inbox, make sure you're logged in to Then click on the envelope icon:



Interface Overview

Backstage's messaging system is very similar to a web-based email client.


(A) Here you'll find the options for moving your messages to different containers.

(B) Above the messaging panel you've got three containers that your messages have been sorted into.

  • The Inbox contains all the newest messages that you've received.
  • Sent contains all of the messages you've sent to others.
  • Archives contains all of the older conversations that you've archived to stop them from cluttering up your inbox.

(C) On the top of the messaging panel you have a search bar that you can use to search through your messages.  Use keywords, participant, or production names to find a specific message.

To view the message, click onto one of the conversation threads. Within this panel you can see your original message, as well as the reply history. 

Managing Messages

You can search for specific messages in the search box above the message list. Use the search box to filter by recipient, production name, role, subject line, or body copy in the email.


If you've used the search feature mentioned above, the threads that show up here will be filtered by the criteria with which you searched.


Threads with unread replies are marked with a blue dot and appear in bold next to the conversation subject.  

Click on a thread to open the full message thread.

Sending a New Message

You can send a new message to a user by navigating to their profile page, and clicking on the 'Contact' button located on the upper right portion of their profile.


This will open a popup window allowing you to fill out a subject line, and the body of your message.  


If applicable, you can also choose what role or production you are contacting them in regards to so they immediately know what your message is about.

Click the 'Send' button once you're done to send the user your message. *Please note that if you do not enter a subject line, you will not be able to send a message.

Replying to a Message

To reply to a thread, click on the Reply tab, which will bring up the text box. Write your message in the text field and then click the 'Send' button.


Moving and Marking Messages

You can move or mark a message (or multiple messages at once) by checking the check box to the left of the message subject line in the message list.  Additionally you can click the 'Select All' box at the top of the inbox to select all of your messages.


Once done, you can click on the 'Actions' button to archive the selected messages, mark them as new (to give them the little blue dot and bolded font mentioned above), or to mark them as read messages (which removes the blue dot and the bolded font).


Notification Settings

When a user sends you a message or note, or a recipient responds to your message, an alert is sent to your email address. These alerts can be sent immediately, once daily, or never.


You can change your notification-alert settings via your Notification Preferences.

When you receive a message in your email inbox, you can choose to reply to the message by regular email (or you can reply on via your Messages Inbox). 

Privacy & Safety

The Backstage Messaging System protects your privacy by sending messages without revealing your email address.

Messages are forwarded to your email address from Backstage, instead of from the user who sent you the original message. You can reply to a message from your email inbox, and it will be routed through Backstage before being sent to the recipient, protecting your privacy. (Your reply will not reveal your email address, unless you leave your email address in the body of the message.)

Please exercise caution if you decide to reveal your email address or any other personal contact information with another user.

Backstage has a number of security measures in place to help keep scammers off of our platform, but sometimes you might still run into some.  We recommend all users read and familiarize themselves with our article Beware of Scams!

If you have any doubts or concerns about an interaction you've had through Backstage Messages, please don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Service

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