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Attachments & File Size Limits

You can attach files to the messages you send to other users through Backstage's Messaging feature.


Attaching a File

To attach a file, simply click on the paperclip icon located at the bottom of your reply.


You may also send attachments via your email, if that's how you're responding to a user.  Please see our article on the Messaging Inbox for more details on responding to messages via your email address.


Attachment Limits

The maximum file size allowed for message attachments is 10MB, and there is a maximum of 4 files allowed per message (each can be up to 10MB).

If a user tries to upload a file that's too big or tries to attach too many files, then they will see an error appear that describes these limits.Screen_Shot_2017-02-24_at_7_40_07_PM.png

Should a user try to send a message via their regular email with attachments that don't fit these limits, the user will get a bounce-back email telling them it didn't work due to the limit constraints.


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