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Messaging on iOS

Messaging is now a fully supported feature of the Backstage Casting app for iOS. To view your messages, simply tap on the 'Messsages' tab in the bottom navigation bar.2.jpg

Interface Overview

Backstage messaging interface is easy to understand, and functions similarly to how it does when using your web browser on your desktop on laptop computer.

Along the top you will see the different folders where your messages are stored. These are from right to left, 'Inbox', 'Sent', and 'Archived'.


The inbox holds all of your current incoming messages. Any messages that have been sent to you, and any invites you've received will live here. They will be displayed in the order in which you received them, and when a new reply to an already existing thread comes in, that message will be bumped to the top of the list.

New Messages and replies are highlighted with bold text, and a red circle badge, this way you can easily tell which messages have and have not been seen by you.


Once viewed, the highlight will be removed and the message will appear in plain text like all others.



The sent folder is set up in the same way as the inbox folder, and will be in order of when the message was sent, newest on top. No messages will appear highlighted in the sent folder, and these include both messages and replies sent to other users, as well as copies of the applications you have submitted.



The archived folder includes all of the message you have archived from your inbox. Backstage does not allow users to delete messages, this way we don't need to worry about things being lost. Users can simply archive their messages instead, should they desire to unclutter their inbox, and can go back and re-read them at a later date.

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