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Modifying a Casting Notice

A casting director is able to make modify their casting notice after it is published if necessary. You might need to make a variety of changes such as make edits, expire a notice, extend a notice, or hide the existence of your notice. This article will detail how to accomplish these tasks.


Submitting Edits

In your Casting Dashboard you will find the title of your casting notice and the 'Edit' option to the right of it. Click on Edit and you will now be able make changes to the notice.Edit.png

Changing any detail largely follows the same process as the original posting (make the edit and then hit 'Update Casting Call').

For instance, say that you want to change the time of the audition that you have listed on the notice. You would scroll down to the Auditions section, click the 'Edit Audtions' button.Edit2.png

A popup window will appear. Make the necessary changes to the auditions, and then click on the blue 'Save' button at the bottom of the window.Edit3.png

Once the change is made, you'll need to click on the blue 'Update Casting Call' button on the right side of the screen (also located at the bottom of the casting call), in order for the changes to take effect.Screen_Shot_2017-05-26_at_5_40_34_PM.png


Prematurely Expiring a Casting Notice

If you find that you have cast your project ahead of time, you may want to expire it early. This can be done by moving the date on the calendar backward to the current date. Just click on the calendar icon and move the date back to the proper day and then hit Update Casting Call. The notice is now expired and can no longer be applied to.expire.png



Extending a Casting Notice

Conversely, you may find you need more time to cast your project. You can also extend the expiration date. This would be accomplished in the much the same manner as above. The only difference being that you move the date forward to the desired date.


Hiding a Notice

When a notice expires, it can often still be seen in Google searches which may be undesirable for you. If you find this to be the case with your casting notice, you can contact the casting department at and ask them to hide the notice for you. This will remove it from Google search results. Please note that it can sometimes take 2 weeks for results to disappear from Google search memory.

















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