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Adding and Managing Collaborators

As a casting director, Backstage allows you to add and manage collaborators on a specific casting call to help you delegate and cooperate more seamlessly as a team.


Adding Your First Collaborator

Adding collaborators to a project is easy!

  1. Navigate to the menu in the upper right corner of the page, and select the 'Casting Dashboard' option from the dropdown menu (or, select the 'Casting Dashboard' icon located in the same general area).collaborators_01.pngcollaborators_02.png
  2. Under the 'Collaborators' section (below 'My Productions') select 'Invite one now'.  *This option will only be displayed if this is the first collaborator you are inviting.collaborators_03.png
  3. A pop-up box will appear.  Select the production you want to add a collaborator on from the dropdown menu.  Add the collaborator's email address(the one associated with their Backstage account) and include a brief message if desired.collaborators_04.png
  4. Click the Send button. Your new collaborator will now show up in the collaborator section.


Managing Collaborators

You can add new collaborators, or manage existing ones by following the instructions below.

Adding Additional Collaborators

  1. Once you've navigated to your Casting Dashboard (see step 1 above), click on the blue 'Manage Collaborators' button.collaborators_05.png
  2. This will bring up your collaborators page.  Click on the '+ Invite a Collaborator' button located in the upper right corner.collaborators_06.png
  3. Input the details shown in step 4 above, and click the blue 'Send' button.

Removing Collaborators

You can also remove collaborators if it is no longer appropriate for them to be assigned to a specific project.

  1. Navigate to the Collaborators page by going to the Casting Dashboard, and clicking on 'Manage Collaborators' button shown in step 1 above.
  2. Click the down arrow to the right of the collaborator that you want to remove.collaborators_07.png
  3. This will expand the collaborator and show all the productions they are assigned to.  By selecting the 'Unassign' button located on the right, you will remove them from the production.  If you select all of them, they will be removed as a collaborator altogether (but they can always be added back in later).collaborators_08.png

Assigning Existing Collaborators

You can also assign already existing collaborators to new productions.

  1. Once in the Collaborators page, find the collaborator you'd like to assign to an additional production, and click on the 'Assign Production' button.collaborators_09.png
  2. A window will pop up showing all of your productions, active ones first.  Select the checkbox to the left of the production(s) and click on the 'Assign to Productions' button.collaborators_10.png

*If desired, you can add a collaborator to an expired project as well through this method.



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