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Communication with Applicants


Once you have successfully posted your casting notice, actors from our talent database will begin to apply. You can determine the frequency with which you receive notifications of applicants by navigating to your Account Settings page and selecting Notifications on via the menu.Applicants_01.png

Casting directors can adjust their settings to receive email notifications that applicants have applied to their productions immediately, once daily, or never.Applicants_02.png


Communicating with Applicants

To see who has applied to your productions, navigate to your Casting Dashboard. If you want to contact this person to hire or audition them, you would check the box in the upper left hand corner of their picture and then click on 'Actions' to bring up the dropdown list:



Once you select 'Send a Message' from the list a message box will pop up.message.png

Above you can see that you now have a blank slate to send the applicant a message. The name of the project and role are present at the bottom and can be changed if so desired. You are also able to attach documents such as sides for the actor if needed.

Note: To message many applicants at once, you would check the boxes on multiple pictures (described above) and then follow the same previous steps.

After you have messaged the applicant, you can now begin a conversation back and forth via the Backstage message feature.


How Do Applicants Communicate with Me?

The applicant is able to communicate with the casting director after you have reached out to them. This happens in the Backstage message section, which you can access in the upper right hand corner of the page via the envelope icon shown below.mail1.png


From here you can see all of the messages you've sent and received using Backstage. communicate.png







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