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Creating & Editing Your Profile

Your Backstage Profile

Once you've signed up and started your subscription you're ready to build your talent profile.  To find your profile, click on 'My Account' in the upper right corner of the screen, and select 'Edit Profile' from the dropdown.

Basic Details

To begin creating your profile, you'll first need to enter your birthday. Clicking on the text box under "Date of Birth" will bring up a calendar from with you can select your birthday, or type it directly in the box.


Once your birthday is entered, you'll be able taken to the basic details form where you will fill out your profile with all the necessary particulars.  This includes your stage name, your profile URL (also known as a vanity url) which is a unique internet address you can use to direct people to your profile easily, your primary headshot (don't worry, you can easily change this photo later), and a few other odds and ends.

Now, your basic profile will be generated, and the real fun will begin.


Interface Overview

When completed, your profile may look something like this:




Connection Icons

These buttons appear in the upper right corner of the profile, and allow you to accomplish a few tasks surrounding connecting with other users.

Save - allows you to favorite a profile, which will serve as a bookmark and allow you to easily find this user's profile in the future.

Contact - sends the owner of the profile a message.

Invite - allows you to invite the owner to apply for one of your roles.

Copy URL - by clicking on the blue chain link icon next to your vanity URL you can copy that URL so you can send it to people, or paste it in documents or emails.


Edit Bar


Along the top you’ll notice the edit bar. This appears only if you are the owner of the account for whose profile you’re currently viewing.

Clicking the ‘Edit Profile’ button will turn on edit mode, causing a pencil icon to appear in each section of your profile. Clicking on one of these pencil icons will cause a small popup window will appear allowing you to edit the section indicated.  Click on the ‘Save’ button in that popup window to apply the changes.

To turn off edit mode, simply click the blue ‘Preview Profile’ button that has taken the place of the ‘Edit Profile’ button you just clicked.


Clicking on the ‘Edit Contact Info’ button in the Edit Bar will bring you to your Account Settings page that allows you to edit your contact information, change your payment info, view your subscription details, etc.


Details Tab

Your Details Tab is the first screen you will be taken to on your profile. This section contains details on your Appearance, Union Membership, Skills, Credits, Representation, Education and Training.

Clicking the blue pencil next to a section's heading (i.e. Appearance, Skills, Union Membership, etc) will open a new window where you can edit that section's information.

Basic Info

This is the very top section of your profile where you can edit information like your stage name, your custom URL for your profile, your professional title, location, and profile visibility. 


Edit your Gender identification, Age Range, Hair and Eye Color, Body Type, and other attributes of your physical appearance.  

Union Membership

Select acting unions you are a member of, if any.


Add any relevant links such as a personal website, a YouTube channel, press you may have received, etc.


Add and edit specific skills and talents. You can learn more about adding skills here.


Add, edit, and sort your credits.

A. Clicking the blue up and down arrows brings up a window allowing you to drag and drop the credit Production Type categories to the order you'd like them to appear on your profile.

B. Clicking the blue plus sign brings up a window that allows you to add a new credit. There you can input the Production Type, Role, Director/Production Company, Location and Date. 

C. Clicking the blue pencil icon allows you to edit details of credits you've already added.

D. Click and slide the blue compass arrows allows you to drag and drop the order your credits appear under that Production Type heading.

E. Clicking the blue circled x will remove that credit.


Add and edit talent agents or managers, if any.

Education and Training

Add or edit schools attended, acting programs, classes, workshops, and years studied. 

License and Passport

Make note of your eligibility to drive and travel. 


Media Tab

The Media Tab, as its name implies, stores all your media. This includes Photos, Videos, Audio, and Resumes & Documents.


Located just beneath the Media tab you can filter your media by type using the icons pictured above.


Clicking the blue plus sign next to headings (i.e. Photos, Videos, Audio, Documents) will allow you to add more media.

Note that media added to your profile will appear by default on your draft applications.


Here you can add, sort, and edit your photos on your profile.

A. Clicking the blue plus icon will allow you to add a photo already in your Media Locker or upload a new photo from your computer.

B. The red star icon determines which headshot is your primary headshot. When selected, this headshot will appear largest in your profile. You can click the star on a photo to make it your primary headshot.

C. Clicking the pencil icon will bring up a window allowing you to edit the thumbnail image of that photo.

D. Clicking the circled X will remove the photo from your profile, but it will remain in your Media Locker.

You can also reorder photos by clicking and holding the photo to enable drag and drop. When engaged successfully, compass arrows will appear and the photo should look like this.

Your first photo will always be your primary headshot, and the first 12 after that will automatically appear on the details page of your profile. 

Videos and Audio

Please note that before adding to your profile, video and audio must be first uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo (video) or Soundcloud (audio). They must be set to Public and allow for embedding on other sites (i.e. set to Public).

Click the plus button next to either the Video or Audio heading to add new demo reels. The import process is fairly straightforward and you should see the following window.

To import new media, copy and paste the URL of the video or audio into the Import text field and click "Import". Once imported, the media will appear in the list above. Click the check box in the top left corner of the uploaded media, and then click the blue 'Add Selected Assets' button and your new reel will be added to your profile.

You can view and play the media associated with the profile by either clicking on the thumbnail or the play button to the right. 


Documents are normally hidden from other users (since they contain personal contact information).  However, if you apply to a casting call, the Casting Director will be able to view your documents as you do.

These documents will be accompanied by the above buttons. Clicking the down arrow will pull up the document and allow you to either download it, or print it. The magnifying glass will allow you to preview the document.

Highlights Tab

*NOTE: the 'Highlights' tab will be invisible unless you have an entry.  To create your first entry, click on the blue 'Edit Profile' button at the top of the window.


You can use this section of your profile to share information about your career, or just about yourself in general. Add as many or as few entries as you want. You can even give each entry a date to create a timeline of your career highlights or achievements.

Click the blue "Add a Highlight" button to add a new highlight. 

Once added, you can edit a highlight by clicking the blue pencil icon or remove a highlight by clicking the blue x.

And that's a wrap on creating and editing your profile. We wish you the best of luck and happy submitting!


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