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Creating Your Profile In iOS

Backstage Profile Wizard on iOS

Once you've signed up and started your subscription you're ready to build your talent profile. Just click the "Get Started" button and you'll be a few steps closer to applying to roles!get_started.png

Age Verification and Parental Consent

>The first step will take you to an age verification screen. Users of Backstage need to be at least 16 years old. Click the appropriate button and proceed to the next section of your profile.



Users under 16 will be taken to a Parental Consent Form to be completed by a parent or legal guardian.consent.png


Once completed, click the "Submit" button and you'll be taken to the next step of the user profile which will allow you to start adding your basic details.

Basic Details

The first details you'll be asked to add to your profile are your age range, gender, zip Code, and country. Click on each line to fill the information out and when ready, click the blue "Next" button.


One the next screen, you'll be asked to fill out your stage name, a professional title (i.e. Actor, Magician, Dancer), set your profile's visibility to public or private, and a profile URL. 

Your profile URL is how people will find you on Backstage. It will always begin with, so you only need to enter what comes after that. You can use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.

Once completed, click the blue "Next" to move on to the next step.


 Now, you'll be asked to add a headshot. Clicking the large plus sign will pull up a menu allowing you to browse the photos on your phone, and select a headshot to add to your profile. Click the blue "Next" button to move on to the final screen of the profile wizard.


Once you've added your basic details and headshot, you'll receive a confirmation that your profile is set up. Congratulations!

You may now either continue adding and editing your profile or begin searching for roles.next_steps.png

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