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Adding a Self-Tape Audition

After submitting your application to a casting notice, a casting director may ask you to send them a self-tape audition. Backstage has made it simple for you to add a self-tape audition to your original application.

Follow the steps below to both find and submit any self-tape auditions that have been requested of you!

Finding the Audition Request (on the website)

If requested, you'll receive a notification to submit your audition in your Messages Inbox and on your "My Applications" page (you will also receive an email alerting you of the request). 


If you are responding to the request through the alert in your Messages Inbox you can open your application by clicking the blue "View application" button or the linked text that says "Click here". Either one will take you to your application where you can view the request.

request_inbox.pngAlternatively, you can access the request on your "My Applications" page by clicking on the application which can be found under the "Auditions" tab. Similarly to the audition request in your Inbox, you will want to click on "View/Edit Application" in order to see the audition request.


Submitting the Audition 

Once on your application, the audition request will appear at the top. To add your self-tape, click on the green "Add a Self-Tape" button.


From there, adding a self-tape audition to your application works much like adding videos to your application or in Media Locker. (Make sure the video is uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, before attempting to upload to the application)

Copy and paste the URL to the video you'd like to upload, and select "Import".


Once imported, your video will appear. Click the white box in the top left corner of your self-tape you've just imported and click "Submit Audition".


When successfully uploaded, the text box in the request on your application will update, letting you know that audition has been submitted (as seen in the photo below). 


There's nothing else you'll need to do except keep an eye on your messaging inbox to see if the casting professionals of the project are interested in moving forward with your application!




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