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Sending and Reading Messages in iOS

Reading Your Messages

To read a message, simply tap on the message in your inbox, sent, or archived folder. 1.jpg

Once opened, you'll be shown the full message in a new screen.

Replying to a Message

To send a reply, tap on the 'Type a reply' field located at the bottom of the screen. The keyboard will appear and allow you to write out your reply.


To send your reply, tap on the blue paper airplane button located on the right side of the reply field. Be sure your message is complete, because once tapped your message will be sent and it cannot be undone or edited after the fact.

*Note: Any emojis added to the message will be removed, as our platform does not support them.




You can also attach files to messages, such as photos, documents, or audio files. To accomplish this, tap on the paperclip icon to the left of the reply text field.6.jpg

Once tapped, you'll be given the option to take a photo from your library, or to use a file from a different place, such as Google Drive, or elsewhere on your iPhone.IMG_4298.jpg

Select the file you want to attach by locating it where it's stored, and tapping on it.

Ever file you attach will appear as a little badge number next to the paperclip icon on your message. Tapping the paperclip icon again will allow you to view your current attachments, and attach more files.IMG_4301.jpg

To add another file, tap the blue paperclip button. To remove a file you do not wish to attach, tap on the blue trashcan icon located to the right of the file name. You can also tap 'Done' to go back to the message thread.IMG_4300.jpg

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