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How to Add Skills to Your Profile

The skills section of your profile is designed to reflect your many talents.  While you may include performance-related skills, such as acting, singing and dancing, you can also note other skills such as speaking multiple languages, athletic ability, martial arts, screenwriting, playwriting, painting, etc.


Adding Skills


To input your skills, go to Edit Profile in your My Account drop-down menu. This will bring you to your details page. Scroll down to your Skills section and select the pencil icon.



You will then see a pop-up bar which will enable you to enter each skill.



You can now begin adding skills that you possess. Please note that some suggested skills may come up after entering just a few letters. You can also add custom skills not included in the suggestions by pressing the "Return" or "Enter" key of your keyboard.



After entering it, select the skill level using the dots and then click save after each selection. The three dots represent the levels beginner, intermediate and experienced.  So if this is a new skill, you might select one dot, if this is a skill you have years of practice doing, you'd select three.  You can also edit this at any time!  Build those skills! 



You will then find the skill instantly attached to your profile.



To add more skills, simply repeat the steps above.

To Delete Skills: 

Again, click on the blue pencil icon next to Skills on your profile, Then click the X to the right of any skill you'd like to remove.   




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