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Cancelling a Subscription
As a subscriber to Backstage, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.  To do so, simply send an email to or click on the little black chat widget to speak with a representative in real time.  Be sure to include the email address the account is associated with, and clarify if you have more than one active subscription.  

Cancellation will be effective the same day, but you will retain access to the paid-only features for the period you have paid for.  Once that period is over, your access will expire.

Click here to contact us via web form.

Refund Policy
As stated in our terms of service, users must cancel their subscriptions before renewal if they do not wish to be charged.  To help in this endeavor, Backstage sends out an email notice when their renewal is one month away on both annual and semi-annual subscriptions (no such notice exists for monthly subscriptions).  

In the event that you request cancellation after-hours, providing the request came in before you were billed we will honor the timestamp on the request and refund you.

Here at Backstage we understand that sometimes life gets in the way.  That is why we will honor refund requests on annual and semi-annual subscriptions up to 5 days from the date of billing.  To request a refund please contact us at, use our handy web form, or click on our chat widget to speak with a representative.

Monthly subscriptions are ineligible for refunds, except in cases of double billing or other clerical errors.

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