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Using the New Profile Interface

Backstage has released a new profile interface to help improve our look, make browsing profiles a little more mobile-friendly, and to make editing a bit easier for our users.  We hope you like it, and would love to get any feedback you have (feel free to shoot us an email anytime at


Getting Started

Below is what the current interface looks like. Media appears along the left side, with professional details appearing along the right side.

To use the new interface, simply click the link located along the top of the window in the powder blue banner.


New Interface Overview

Above you see my fake Backstage profile in the new interface.  This interface is designed to make things easier to read on mobile, and to simplify the updating process for our users. The profile information exists across several tabs to keep things better organized, and to cut down on the amount of scrolling.  

Contact Icons

These icons appear in the upper right corner of the profile, and allow you to do a few things. The heart allows you to favorite a profile, which will serve as a bookmark and allow you to easily find this user's profile in the future. The Letter icon sends the owner of the profile a message, and the silhouette icon allows you to invite the owner to apply for one of your roles.

Edit Bar

Along the top you’ll notice the edit bar. This appears only if you are the owner of the account for whose profile you’re currently viewing.

Clicking The ‘Edit Profile’ button will turn on edit mode, which brings up little edit buttons in each section of your profile in the form of pencil icons. Each time you click on one of these pencil buttons, a small popup window will appear allowing you to edit the sections indicated.  Click on the ‘Save’ button in that popup window to apply the changes.

To turn off edit mode, simply click the blue ‘Preview Profile’ button that has taken the place of the ‘Edit Profile’ button you just clicked.

Clicking on the ‘Edit Contact Info’ button in the Edit Bar will bring you to the familiar interface that allows you to edit the contact information on your account, along with payment info, subscription details, etc.


Profile Tab

This section contains details on the Physical Appearance, Union Membership, Skills, Credits, Representation, and Education & Training an actor has listed.


Media Tab

The Media Tab, as its name implies, stores all your media. This includes Photos, Videos, Audio, and Resumes & Documents.

Located just beneath the Media tab you can filter your media by type using the icons pictured above.

You can view and play the media associated with the profile by either clicking on the thumbnail, or the play button to the right.

Documents are normally hidden from other users (since they contain personal contact information).  However, if you apply to a casting call, the Casting Director will be able to view your documents as you do. These documents will be accompanied by the above buttons. Clicking the down arrow will pull up the document and allow you to either download it, or print it. The magnifying glass will allow you to preview the document.

Clicking the same blue edit button from earlier will allow you to modify your media in the same way that you modified the details on your profile tab.

Once in edit mode, you will notice that a tiny silhouette, star, and X icon will appear on top of your images. The silhouette icon marks the image as a featured headshot. This photo will appear on your profile page directly beneath your primary headshot and you can have up to 13 featured headshots.

The star icon determines which headshot is your primary. When selected this headshot will appear largest in your profile, and will be sent as the face of all your applications.

The grey X icon will delete the photo from your profile, but it will still exist in your Media Locker.

You can also select a featured video, document, and audio. Those selected will be primary by default in new applications, which means they'll appear first when Casting Directors see your application.

About Tab

You can use this section of your profile to share information about your career, or just about yourself in general. Add as many or as few entries as you want. You can even give each entry a date to create a timeline of your career highlights or achievements.

*NOTE: the 'About' tab will be invisible unless you have an entry.  To create your first entry, click on the blue 'Edit Profile' button at the top of the window.

By clicking the same blue edit button mentioned previously in this document you can add, edit or delete your entries using the small icons that appear just above them.


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