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How to Use the New Casting Search Interface

Backstage has released a new casting search interface to help make searching more convenient and user friendly.  The new interface is currently in a beta form and undergoing QA but should be deployed officially soon.  We'd love to hear your feedback!


Getting Started

Currently the interface looks like this.  The casting calls themselves are on the left side of the screen and the search parameters are located along the right margin.

To use the new interface, simply click the link located along the top of the window, above the 'Auditions & Open Casting Calls' header. 


New Interface Overview

In the new interface, search filters appear along the top of the page, and the casting notices themselves will populate underneath, depending on the search filters chosen. 


Search Filters

The most popular search filters will appear at the top.  These are: gender, age, and location, but other search filters can be revealed by clicking on the ‘More Filters' button the arrow is pointing to in the image above.  In addition you can save your searches by clicking on the ‘Save This Search’ button, seen highlighted by the red rectangle.

Once expanded, the additional filters include drop-down menus for production type, role type and ethnicity.  In addition there is the option to select paid only roles, and union status as well as using keywords to narrow your search.  It is important to note that searches are not dynamic (unlike the old interface), meaning once filters have been selected or changed, users will need to hit the 'Apply' button (indicated by the red arrow above) in order for the search to return results.


Saved Searches

To save a search, click the ‘Save This Search’ button at the bottom right of the search filters section.  This will bring up a dialogue where you can choose your notification preferences.

Name your search and click the save button.  Your saved search will now appear as a button in the 'Saved Searches' section below the search filters.  If you wish to use this search, simply click this button and a little blue checkmark will appear next to it, indicating you're using the saved search criteria.

To edit your saved search, simply click the little pencil icon to the right of the search. To delete it, click the trash icon.


Casting Notices


Just above your casting notices, there will be two drop down menus (indicated by the arrow above) that allow you to select how you want your casting notices to be sorted, as well as filter by notices holding auditions, using online submissions, or both.



Looking at the notices now, you can see up to three roles along the right side in a grey square.  These will include some of the details of that role, along with the option to apply to the specific role if desired. If there are more than four roles on a casting notice, a button will appear (highlighted by the square above) allowing you to view all the roles in a notice.  


Production Details

Clicking on a notice will bring the full production details page sliding in from the right (see above).  From this page you can see all details on the casting notice, as well as apply for every role offered.  This sliding window allows for a quicker back button response, conveniently bringing you back to where you were in the search.  

To return to your search, you can either click on the grey area outside of the sliding window, click the black X on the upper left corner of the sliding window, or just click your back button on your browser.


Printing Your Casting Notices

If you prefer a hard-copy of your casting calls you may notice some strangeness if you try and print from the sliding window.  Not to worry, we have two ways in which you can accomplish this.

  1. To print your casting notice, simply find the casting call in your search, right click (or ctrl click) on the title of the production.
  2. Choose either 'Open link in new tab,' or 'Open link in new window,' from the submenu.


  1. Open the casting notice you want to print by clicking on the title of the production in your search.
  2. Click on the refresh button in your browser.

This will open the casting notice in its own window.  From there you can print as normal.



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