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Popular FAQs - Dashboards, Managing Applications, and Messaging

Check out the following in-depth guides for getting the most out of your Backstage account.

The following user guides answer the most frequently asked questions about the most popular tools on, along with offering helpful tips, tricks, and examples:

  • The Talent Dashboard: Get a quick overview of all of the projects you've applied to; check on draft applications you've saved to complete later; view invitations and messages from casting directors; get quick access to your profile and media locker; and more.

  • Media Locker: Upload photos, videos, audio clips, and documents to your account. You'll then have easy access to these media assets when applying to roles, posting calls, and updating your profile. Your media locker also automatically keeps track of the media items you've uploaded via other areas of the site (such as when you add media to your profile). And you can use your media locker to edit your photos, name your files, delete content; and pull in content from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

  • Applying to Productions: Learn more about Backstage's incredible system for allowing actors, models, performers, and job seekers to fully customize their applications. Add and remove media assets (video, audio, photos, and documents) on the fly; write and edit cover letters; save casting calls to apply to later; continue updating your applications even after you've applied. It's the ultimate talent submission system!

  • Messaging System: Convenient communication options for keeping productions in touch with talent; automatically threaded conversations; searching and archiving options; and more.

  • The Casting Dashboard: The most state-of-the-art casting system on the planet. Sleek, powerful tools for posting casting calls/breakdowns, managing submissions, finding new talent, and more.

  • Application Manager: Quickly filter through applicants by role, location, ethnicity, age-range, height, eye color, skills, and much more. Organize applicants into workflow tabs. Contact candidates individually or in bulk.

  • Collaborators: Share submissions and notes with your colleagues like a pro; let your colleagues help you manage your production's applications.

  • The Talent Database: Discover more than 100,000 additional actors; invite the ones you like to apply to the roles in your casting notices; keep track of talent that have applied to your past productions and add them to your new projects for consideration; organize talent with custom labels; and more.


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