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How to apply to casting calls

The following are the steps for applying to casting calls:

1. Find casting calls to apply to by visiting

2. After looking over the opportunity, click the "Apply" button.

(Or, first use the "Select Role" drop-down menu to choose which role apply to, if the project is casting multiple roles. Then click "Apply.")


3. Allow time for your application's media assets (headshots, videos, audio clips, documents, etc.) to load up. 

4. Now you can simply click "Apply" again to complete your application, or you can customize your application.

Customization options include:

- Specifying your "primary" media assets (click the star next to the items you wish to give the most prominence to; you can star a maximum of one of each media type).

- Removing media you don't want to include in the application.

- Adding new media items to your application.

- Writing a cover letter.

5. Note: Some projects require specific media items to be submitted. For instance, a project might require that you include a photo, video, audio clip, and cover letter with your submission.

If so, you'll see these requirements listed at the top of the application. Items that you've completed will be checked off in green. While items you still need to add to your application will be marked with a gray check. You will not be able to complete your application until you've added all of the required assets. 


Click here to learn more about Backstage's application system.                   


Additional Details:

When searching through the casting notices at, click on the projects you're interested in to view the full project-details page.

Then, for projects that are accepting submissions through Backstage's online-application system, you'll see the blue button called "Apply" near the top-right of the screen -- click on that to start the submission process.

If the project has specific submission instructions, they'll be listed in the "Instructions" field farther down the page -- for instance, if they want a specific type of picture or specific info included in cover letters, you'll find this info in the Instructions field.

On the other hand, some projects announce live auditions -- such as "Open Call Auditions" (which don't require an audition appointment/invitation); and Equity Principal Auditions (EPAs) and Equity Chorus Call auditions (ECCs), which are special auditions for Equity productions. In these cases, the projects may or may not be accepting submissions via -- in fact, many times a project that is holding Open Call or EPA/ECC auditions will not be accepting submissions at all, so the "Apply" button will not be available. In these cases, actors are expected to actually just show up at the auditions during the listed dates/times, if a location and date/times are listed. (Unless the auditions are listed as being "by appointment" or "by appt.," in which case you'll need to follow the instructions to schedule and audition appointment.)

And, more rarely, a project might not be accepting submissions via Backstage AND might not be announcing full audition details. In these cases, you'll find the alternate submission options listed in the Instructions field.

However, the majority of casting notices on utilize Backstage's popular Application System as their preferred method for accepting submissions.


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