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User Guide: Casting Director

Backstage's Casting System includes state-of-the-art features such as advanced applicant-management and organizational tools, automatic talent suggestions, bulk actions, messaging, notes, quick access to media assets, collaboration options, and more.

Popular topics of interest include:

1. Casting Dashboard - the Casting Dashboard is your starting place to manage your projects on Backstage.

2. Selecting a Production - view a list of your active, draft, and expired productions, edit production details

3. Application Manager - the Application Manager is your tool to review applicants and cast your project.

4. Switching between roles - select between roles to view applicants who applied to a specific role. 

5. Applicants - look through applicants, select, and organize ones that you're interested in for roles.

6. Filtering applicants - to narrow down your list of applicants, you can use the filter options.

7. Backstage Suggestions - Backstage Suggestions is a new feature that recommends actors from the Backstage Talent Database who match the role criteria you specify in your project.

8. Bulk actions - an action that will affect all selected applicants.

9. Folders - as part of your process for organizing applicants in your project, you can move applicants to folders.

10. Notes - you can leave specific feedback with a particular applicant. 

11. Messaging - communicate with other Backstage users quickly, reliably, and securely with the Backstage Messaging System.

12. Collaborators - you can invite Collaborators to help you cast your project.

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