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Apply to a job from a mobile device

Performers can apply to jobs from a mobile device easily.

1. Below is an example of a user viewing an email sent to them via one of their customized Saved Searches. (Click here to learn to how to save a search.) But you can also find casting calls to apply to by visiting

In this example, the performer is interested in the production 'The Warmest Winter' and taps on that the title to read about who is casting, payment details, and more:


2. After looking over the opportunity, click the "Apply" button.

(Or, first use the "Select Role" drop-down menu to choose which role apply to, if the project is casting multiple roles. Then click "Apply."):


4. Allow time for your application's media assets (headshots, videos, audio clips, documents, etc.) to load up.                             

5. Now you can simply click "Apply" again to complete your application, or you can customize your application.

Customization options include:

- Specifying your "primary" media assets (click the star next to the items you wish to give the most prominence to; you can star a maximum of one of each media type).

- Removing media you don't want to include in the application.

- Adding new media items to your application.

- Writing a cover letter.

6. Note: Some projects require specific media items to be submitted. For instance, a project might require that you include a photo, video, audio clip, and cover letter with your submission.

If so, you'll see these requirements listed at the top of the application. Items that you've completed will be checked off in green. While items you still need to add to your application will be marked with a gray check. You will not be able to complete your application until you've added all of the required assets. 


Click here to learn more about Backstage's application system.                   


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