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When a casting director or talent-seeker of any kind sends a message to an actor on, that actor will get an e-mail notification. Backstage will forward messages from talent-seekers to the actor's e-mail address with the subject "Someone has contacted you via Backstage."

The body of the e-mail will include all contents of the talent-seekers message.

By replying to this e-mail, the actor is making their e-mail address visible to the talent-seeker, allowing for direct contact in the future between the two parties.

Tip: If an actor prefers to be contacted by phone, add a contact number to any of the submissions on Backstage.

Note: If an actor is contacted, the talent-seeker will not see their e-mail address unless they reply to their message.

Note: Backstage does NOT store messages; an actor does not have an inbox on

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