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A profile appears in:
  • Google results
  • The Talent Database on Backstage
  • Attached resumes are hidden (only applying to a job reveals the applicant's resume attachment)
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  • A profile is hidden from both Google results and the Talent Database.
  • The only way to see a private profile is if the resume provides a person with a link to the profile, and even then they won't be able to see anything unless they log into
  • All the public will see is a "this profile is private" message, not the profile.

If a Backstage Profile link appears in Google search results:

1) If the profile was Public, Google may have cached the link in its index. In this case, the link should disappear from Google results within 1-90 days as Google updates its index of web pages. Even if a web page is completely deleted, it can still appear in Google's cache for a while. However, the private profile will eventually stop being listed by Google. 

2) A profile might not actually be in Google's public search-index. The profile could be viewed in Google because Google shows custom results based on a person's own web-history. That means that Google knows that an individual has visited their Backstage profile before.  
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