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Find directions on how to manage casting notices:

Expiring Casting Notices:
When posting a casting notice, it's possible to select an exact date for the casting notice to expire. By default the notice will be set to expire in 30 days, but the date can be changed. The expiration date option appears under the heading “When should this listing expire?” on the Production Details “Post a Job” page at
Once a listing expires, it will automatically drop out of the list of active casting notices at, and all of the submission and audition options associated with the casting notice will disappear from public view.

The overview details of the listing will remain available in Backstage’s archives and via the account, but the casting notice itself will be listed as "expired" and all submission options will be turned off.

Note: Access to all of the submissions received on will be possible for at least six months after the notice has expired.

Shortening or Extending Casting Notices:
If a talent seeker later decides that they want the notice to expire earlier or later than the selected date, visit the "My Posted Jobs" page at From here, click on the listing and choose a new expiration date.

Tip: From this page it is possible to update all other details associated with the casting notices.

Renewing or Copying Casting Notices:
To duplicate an old casting notice (whether renewing it or copying it for a new, similar notice) visit the “My Posted Jobs” page at From here, click on the casting notice that is desired to be copied and select the “Clone this Job” button. This will make a copy of the entire casting notice.

After the notice is recreated, it's possible to update the details of the listing (make sure to remove the words “copy of” from the headline of the cloned listing).

When finished updating the information, complete the checkout process, and the updated casting notice will be posted as a new item on, bringing a whole new round of submissions from actors.

Tip: After a casting notice has been running on for a while, the number of submissions received will naturally subside over time. Most casting notices get their biggest response in the first week or so after being posted.

Extending the expiration dates of old casting notices won’t necessarily get more responses from actors. Instead, we recommend using the renewal process detailed above.

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