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In addition to casting notices and industry news, Backstage reports on information that is essential both for seasoned veterans of the Entertainment industry and those just beginning. Whether obtaining the contact details to know where to send a headshot and resume or deciding where to study acting, Backstage has the answers.

Here are steps to accessing the treasure-trove of information Backstage curates:

1. First, go to the Resources page on Backstage.  

2. Once on this page, click on the desired information. In the example below, the user has chosen to "find production listings": 


3. Alternatively, one may begin by clicking "search the call sheet" (which will navigate to a more extensive list of options) or browse a guide (such as the one highlighted in red in the example above, "New York Acting Schools and Coaches").

Find specific information on:

Casting directors

Talent agents


Production companies

Production listings


Acting schools

  • Search for contact details by clicking on the "details" button located next to a specific interest as seen below: 


It's possible to go through a search in connected Yellow Page listings by typing a keyword and location:


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