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Advice for writing a good cover letter

This article goes over what to include in a cover letter when submitting for a job found on Writing a cover letter is the final step in the process of applying to a job.

Below is an example of a user writing a cover letter on an iphone -- (learn more about applying to jobs from a mobile device).


This cover letter consists of four parts:

I. Greeting 

II. Availability

III. Qualification/Interest

IV. Gratitude

Together, these elements can form a strong and favorable first impression on the person who is seeking talent.

1) Greeting: There is always a name attached to each call for talent. This is available by clicking on the title of a casting call and visible under the 'Company' section of a casting notice:


Remember the name viewed in the company section when composing a cover letter to greet the person who is casting. It makes a good professional impression and a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

2) Availability: It is very important to be upfront about any conflicts with any rehearsal and production dates indicated in the casting call. Those details can be reviewed under the 'Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations' header:


Stating availability and conflicts in the cover letter helps a great deal: production dates often change. So, being unavailable for one situation may mean becoming the first person who gets looked into if and when needs change.

3) QualificationInterest: Some calls for talent require a specific skill or item. If this is the case, mention the experiences or possessions that match what is being sought (whether it is having a valid driver's license or a particular interest in the work).

4) Gratitude: Thanking a casting director for posting a call for talent on Backstage and their interest can only help make the submission a classy one.

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