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Embed audio reels into a profile

After uploading audio to SoundCloud, click "Share"

Once the 'Share' button is clicked, copy the link indicated in the picture above by right-clicking it:

  • Navigate to Actor Profile Editor 
  • Scroll down to the "AUDIO REEL" section and click the "Add Audio" button.
  • A Media Locker window will open up. From there, you can choose from among your existing audio clips to add to your profile, or upload a new audio item.
  • To upload a new item, paste in your SoundCloud link, click "Upload," and then click "Add Selected Assets."

  • A box will appear showing that your audio clip has been added to your profile:


This link will be saved to your profile after scrolling to the bottom of the page and pressing the 'CONTINUE' button. 


A link to the recording will then appear on your profile (after exiting the editor and viewing the profile): 


When the link is clicked, a box will come up with an option to play the SoundCloud clip.

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