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Upload to SoundCloud

Share audio clips inside of a Backstage profile:


Sign-up or sign-in to use SoundCloud for free.

Once signed into SoundCloud, click the "Upload" button in the top-right corner of the Stream or Public Profile (as shown) or just click here.


Here are two ways to upload sounds:

1Upload files from a computer

Press the "Choose Files" button to upload AIFF, WAVE, FLACC, OFF, MP2, MP3 or ACC files that have already been saved to the computer.


2Record directly from a computer:

Press the "REC" button and begin recording sounds directly from the computer. 

If a query asks about Adobe Flash Player Settings --

  • First, check the box that says 'Remember' and then press the 'Allow' button (as shown here):
  • The sound will begin recording and the option to stop the recording will be shown, like this:


  • Once finished recording, click "Upload your recording". Be sure to set the track recorded to 'public':


  • Once the sound is fully posted and transcoded, hit "Save" at the bottom of the page

If there are problems with SoundCloud's main Flash-based uploader, please make sure the latest version of Adobe Flash is installed.

Email SoundCloud here for help if there are further problems. 

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