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Receive the Backstage Digital Edition or Newsletter

Step 1: 
At the bottom of any Backstage newsletter received, there will be the following 'email preferences' link: 
Step 2: 
After clicking the preferences' link, place a check on the list the individual would like to be added to: 
Step 3: 
After placing a check mark next to the desired communication wished to receive, make sure to press the button at the bottom of the page that saves the new preferences: 

If still not receiving the digital issues of Backstage, please add to the address book. It is possible that the personal e-mail may be rejecting the Backstage e-mail or rerouting it to a folder other than the individual's inbox.

Check the Spam folder for the desired e-mail. If it's in this folder, mark it as "Not Spam" to keep it from rerouting to the Spam folder in the future.

Use the linked instructions to add to the address book or follow the detailed steps below:

For Gmail click here
For Yahoo click here
For AOL click here
For Hotmail click here

To help ensure that emails are always delivered to an inbox, log into a personal email now and follow the steps below to add to the address book, contacts or “Safe Senders” list:


New Subscribers:

To add to a Gmail contact list:

1. Click "Contacts" along the left side of any Gmail page.

2. Click "Add Contact".

3. Copy and paste "", into the primary email address dialog box.

4. Click "Save".

Existing Subscribers:

How to check if our email and/or email and/or newsletter is in the "Spam" folder:

1. Click “Spam” along the left side of any Gmail page.

2. If any email is listed among the messages in this folder, check the box next to our email.

3. Click the “Not Spam” button along the top.

Windows Live Hotmail

New Subscribers:

To add to a Safe Senders Hotmail list:

1. Open a mailbox and click "Options" (upper right hand corner).

2. Click the "Junk Email Protection" link (top of page).

3. Select the "Safe List" link (second from bottom).

4. Copy and paste "" into the dialog box titled "Type an address or domain".

5. Click the "Add" button next to the dialog box.

Existing Subscribers:

If our email and/or newsletter is in the “Junk Email Folder”, open the email and click the "Not Junk" button. Next, check to see if our email address is in the "Blocked Senders" list. If "" is on this list, select it and click the "Remove" button.

Finally, if not done so already, add to the Safe Senders list as described above.


New Subscribers:

To add to a Safe Senders AOL list:

1. Click “Mail Menu” and select "Address Book".

2. Wait for the "Address Book" window to pop up and then click the "Add” button.

3. Wait for the "Address Card for New Contact" window to load.

4. Paste "", into the "Other Email" field.

5. Make our "from" address the "Primary Email" address by checking the associated check box.

6. Click the "Save" button.

Existing Subscribers:

If our email and/or newsletter is in the AOL Spam Folder, please open the email and then click the "This Is Not Spam" button.

Next, please add "", to the address book as described above.


New Subscribers:

A subscriber will need to set up a filter to redirect our emails and/or newsletters into their inbox:

1. Open the mailbox and click on "Mail Options" (upper right hand corner).

2. Select Filters.

3. Click the "Add" link on the filters page.

4. Update the "From Header” rule with the following two pieces of information: "contains" and "".

5. Click the "Choose Folder" pull-down menu and select “Inbox”. Pick the "Add Filter" button.

Existing Subscribers:

If our emails and/or newsletters are ending up in the Yahoo! “Bulk Folder”, please open the issue and click the "Not Spam" button. Next, check to see if the address, the email or newsletter that was sent is in the "Blocked Addresses" list. If "" is on this list, select it and click the "Remove Block" button.

Finally, please set up a filter as outlined above.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 - 2007

To add to a Safe Senders Outlook list:

1. On the “Tools” menu, click “Options”.

2. On the “Preferences” tab, click “Junk Email”.

3. On the “Safe Senders” tab, click “Add”.

4. In the “Add Address” field, enter "".

5. Click “OK”.

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