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  • Considered to be an invaluable resource to actors, models, and performers, Call Sheet is the most up-to-date and trustworthy entertainment-industry contact directory of its kind.

  • Get in contact with hundreds of casting directors, talent managers, and talent agencies throughout the entire country.

  • See descriptors of each office, including their focus and specialties, allowing the ability to make targeted contact with specific people.

  • Learn what is in pre-production in NY and LA.

  • Purchase pre-formatted PDF Call Sheet mailing labels.

  • With these downloadable PDF files it is possible to print out sheets of mailing labels for anyone listed in Call Sheet- easily and send out headshots and resumés to casting directors and talent agents with a professional look!

  • Entertainment-industry contact-directory databases usually cost $1,500+ a year (90% more expensive than Call Sheet).

  • Specialized entertainment databases cost $155-350 a year, depending on the package chosen.

  • IMDb Pro is $192 a year.

  • Similarly-priced services are also more expensive and limited to specific regions, only mentioning casting directors and production listings, lacking the full scope that Call Sheet provides.

  • Casting directors across theater/commercials/TV/film instead of just film/TV.

  • Regional data outside of NY/LA.

  • Agents and managers for entertainment fields outside of acting.

In terms of total data, this offers the best value in the market, hands-down. If aware of a better-priced alternative, let us know:

The following is a key to some of the most commonly used abbreviations in Call Sheet's listings:

  • WGA - Writers' Guild of America EAST & WEST

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