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Video reels

 •  Use Vimeo or YouTube links to embed video(s) into a Profile!
 •  Begin by uploading the desired footage to either Vimeo or YouTube.
 •  Click here to convert video files to a reel. 
 •  Upload to YouTube
 •  Use Vimeo
 •  Once a video is uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo, copy the link for the video to your computer's clipboard by selecting the link and pressing copy
(hold ctrl-and-c on a P.C. keyboard)
(hold ⌘-and-C on a Mac keyboard)
 •  Having trouble copying and pasting? Click here.
 •  Paste the copied link into the field asking for the web address (URL).
(ctrl-and-v on a P.C. keyboard)
(⌘-and-V on a Mac keyboard)
 •  Visit your Profile Editor, and scroll down to the Video section of the editor.   
 •  Click on the "Add Video" button.
 •  A Media Locker window will open up. From there, you can choose from among your existing videos or add a new video to your account.
 •  To add a new video, paste your YouTube or Vimeo URL into the link field, click the "Upload" button, and then click the "Add Selected Assets" button.
 •  If the video is uploaded successfully, a thumbnail image of the video should appear in your Profile Editor:
Press 'CONTINUE' at the bottom of the page to save the video to your profile. 
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