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Cancel a subscription

1)     Click here to send a cancellation request.
2)     On the contact form, make sure to carefully fill in:

  • the reason for cancellation in the description field
  • first and last names
  • email address 
  • write “Cancel Backstage” in the subject line

3)     On the contact form:

  • In the “I am a” drop-down menu, choose the relevant option 
  • from the “regarding” drop-down menu choose “cancellation

4)     In the “Description” box, please describe the reason for cancellation. Please also list any other details that may help with locating the correct account such as:

  • the name and email address associated with the account if it is different than the person's who is submitting the form
  • the billing details of the account in question
    • the last four digits of the card on file
    • what kind of card is on file (an AMEX, Visa, MasterCard or Discover)
    • the expiration date of the payment method
    • the name of the cardholder
  • the name of the manager (if an agent or manager has created the account in an actor's name instead of his / her own name)

5)     The cancellation request will be processed within a few days, and a cancellation confirmation will be sent via email when the cancellation is complete. 
6)     The individual will continue to have access to through the term they already pre-paid for. However, once cancelled the membership will not auto-renew.

If an individual later decides to continue using Backstage, they can reactivate the cancelled or expired account via their Account Manager at, or by contacting Backstage with a renewal request at

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