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Then visit or click where it says Casting at the top of as shown:



  • Choose the gender of the role desired by selecting one or both of the genders as indicated here:
  • (when a gender is successfully selected, it will be highlighted in red)
  • Select the age range and union status of the roles desired by adjusting the sliders and radio-dial buttons below --
  • (in the picture below, union and nonunion roles between the ages of 18 - 64 will be displayed)  
  • Filter results of a search by selecting the zip code or city where the actor is seeking roles.
  • Adjust the sliders to determine how far the search should extend from the selected zip code or city.
  • View paid or unpaid jobs in theatre, film, television or any combination of fields.
  • Click the check boxes next to the categories shown below:
  • By pressing the + button in the gray portion of a filter's header, only options selected will be seen. 
  • Also search for particular keywords that may appear in a casting notice.
  • This works particularly well to find work that demands a particular specialty.

Before saving a search, make sure to:


  • Then, click on the red 'Save This Search' button: (it is near the top of the page above the filters)

There will be options to:

  • Name the saved search.
  • Decide the frequency of notifications for saved searches. 

Once having clicked 'Save This Search', it will be possible to:

1) Load results of the search by clicking on it's name.
2) Edit the search by clicking the eraser icon.
3) Delete the search by clicking on the X symbol.
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