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Account Settings

The 'Me' tab allows you to view and edit your profile, view and update your Subscription plan, control your Notifications, and more.another_main_me_tab.jpg


View My Profile

You can view and edit your Backstage profile by tapping on the 'View My Profile' button. Profile viewing and editing will eventually become a natively supported app feature, but in the meantime this will open up your profile as Safari window embedded in the Backstage Casting app. You have the option to scroll and navigate through your public profile, or edit your profile if you so desire. To learn more about your talent profile please check out our Help Center section on the subject here.

Basic Info

Tap the 'Basic Info' button to see the full name and email address linked to the account. You can also change your password from here. Keep in mind, however, that this will also change the password when you log in through the web browser on your computer.basic_info.jpg


Subscription Plan 

Tap on Subscription Plan to view your current subscription (type and cost), your next renewal or expiration date, and a brief overview of your last payment.IMG_3817.png

Users who have subscribed through our website will also have the option to view their account details by tapping on the link shown above.

If you do not currently have an active subscription, you have the option to subscribe directly on the app.no_sub_on_sub_plan_view.jpg

It's important to note that any subscription purchased through our app is purchased through iTunes, and as such you will need to cancel via iTunes as well. To learn more about how to cancel your subscription through iTunes please read more here.

If you have any questions about your subscription tap on 'Need help with your subscription? Send us an email', to open a new email draft immediately in your Mail app*.

*Only applicable if the Mail app is already set up on your iPhone



You can control your Invitations and Saved Search notifications by tapping on the 'Notifications' tab. This will allow you to set email and push notifications not only for your individual saved searches, but also globally (for the app as a whole).

Read more about Notification Settings here.


Terms of Use

We include the full Backstage Terms of Service, which you can view in one tap. 


Privacy Policy

You can also review Backstage's Privacy Policy by tapping on the link.



You can conveniently access our Help Desk articles by tapping on 'Help', where you can view and read articles with step-by-step instructions along with easy to follow screenshots (you're looking at one right now!) 


Email Us

If you want to email Support, tap on 'Email Us' and Backstage will automatically open a new email draft in your Mail app. This is not applicable if your built-in Mail App is not set up on your iPhone. 

Learn more about contacting us here.


App & Phone Info

Your App & Phone Info can be found in this tab. Your specific App, iOS, and model version is important to note when you are reporting any bugs on the app. IMG_3828.png



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