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Submitting an Application

Using the Backstage Casting app for iOS, you can submit applications to casting calls on the go. These applications will always include your Backstage Talent Profile.


Applying to a Role 

  1. Tap on a casting call to bring up the Production Details screen. From here, tap on the 'Roles' tab to see what roles are available.IMG_3830.png
  2. Once you have decided on which role to apply to, tap on the blue Apply button located beneath it.IMG_3830_2.png 
  3. From here you will be brought to the Application page. You can change the media you wish to include in your application (all media required for the application will be highlighted) by tapping on the right-facing arrow next to the media in question.IMG_3831.png
  4. Select or deselect the desired media item by tapping on it. Your primary item (the media that casting directors will first see) will be highlighted in red with a red star, and any other chosen media items will highlight blue.
    You can change which item is your primary by tapping on the star icon.
    Once you are happy with your selection, tap the blue 'Save' button at the top of the screen.IMG_3832.png
  5. Next, type in a cover letter, if desired. Please note that a cover letter cannot exceed 500 total characters.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your application, tap the 'Apply Now' button at the bottom of the screen. This will submit your application.unnamed__24_.jpgsuccessfully_applied.jpg

*Note: You can also delete a draft application by tapping on the trash bin icon in the blue footer bar (shown above). You cannot delete an application after it has been submitted.


Updating a Submitted Application 

If you feel that you have forgotten something when you submitted the application or just want to add something new, you can easily do that.

  1.  First, navigate to the 'My Applications' tab and find your application under Active.IMG_3833.png
  2. Tap on the application to open it. You can now make any edits you desire. Once you are done, simply tap on 'Update Application' at the bottom of the screen and your application will automatically update.unnamed__27_.jpg





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