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Linking your Backstage Profile

Users are not required to link their Backstage profile to their Community handle, should they desire remain anonymous while posting. However, if they would like to in order to network with other users they are welcome to.


How to Link your Profile

You can link your Backstage profile at any time by navigating to your Community settings page (clicking the gear icon located near the top of the Community page).Screen_Shot_2018-08-13_at_4_30_57_PM.jpg

Once there, click on the 'Link your Backstage profile' slider in the upper right corner.Screen_Shot_2018-08-13_at_4_28_10_PM.jpg

Once done, your user image will change to your primary headshot from your Backstage talent profile, and users will be able to navigate to your profile from the Community message board to learn more about you.Screen_Shot_2018-08-13_at_4.29.17_PM.png


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