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Getting Started in the Backstage Community

Backstage has created the Backstage Community as a place for both neophyte and well seasoned artists to meet, ask questions, and discuss the trials, tribulations, and experiences in the business of acting, modeling, and performance.

All are welcome to join and participate, but we ask that all users adhere to the Community Guidelines while posting.


Posting Structure

The Backstage Community follows a specific posting structure, each item being composed of several of the proceeding items. This structure is as follows:

Community - the name of the forums as a whole, consisting of several organizational Topics.

Topic - a collection of Conversations all relating to the same subject matter, similar to a Subreddit in Reddit, or a Feed in Quora.

Conversation - A collection of Replies in response to a post written by one of our users. In common internet parlance this is known as a thread.

Reply - An individual user's written response or contribution to a Conversation, also known as a post. This is the building blocks of the Community as a whole.


Creating a Handle

Users will first need to create a handle in order to post to the Backstage community.

While the forums are in Beta, only current and former subscribers will be able to make a forum handle and post in the Backstage Community, though anybody can read them. However, once the forums are officially launched, anyone may be able to post by creating a Backstage Community account.

For existing users, simply log in and start a conversation or reply to any existing post. A window will pop up asking you to create a handle. This handle will serve to identify you for the other forum users, and will need to be unique.Screen_Shot_2017-06-20_at_5.27.13_PM.png 

Your handle is not required to be your real name or stage name, nor does it need to be linked to your Backstage profile, though you can do these things if you desire.

Your handle can only contain upper & lowercase letters, numbers, underscore and hyphen in order to be valid. 

Once you're happy with your handle, click the 'Start Posting' button and you're ready to go!


Additional Resources

Read about how to make a post.

Read about your Community settings.

Read about linking your Backstage talent profile to your Community handle.



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