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Workshop Guidelines

Workshops (and other fee-based notices)

Please note that there are very specific guidelines that you must adhere to if you are posting a workshop or another fee-based notice.

  1. The headline for your listing is entered in the "Title of Production" field on the posting form. You must enter a short, concise project title. This field is not intended for advertising copy, age ranges, or dates. It should just be the name of the actual class/workshop or business. Typically six words or less.
  2. When posting your notice, you must choose "Events & Representation: Workshops" as the primary Production Type for your listing. Workshop_01.png
  3. In the "Compensation & Union Contract Details" field you must list out the specific prices you're charging.
  4. Under the Talent Locations/Auditions add the specific location where your Workshop is taking place. Do not choose the "National/Worldwide" option or states outside of where your class is taking place; our multi-state listing options are only intended for opportunities that are providing pay and/or transportation.Workshop_02.png
  5. At Checkout, select the "Featured" listing option. (You cannot post a Workshop listing using just our basic $24.95 option, as this basic price is only intended for listings of actual jobs and casting notices for performance opportunities.)Workshop_02.png
  6. If there are additional categories that you believe apply to your listing, then you can choose these additional categories at Checkout by clicking on "Extra Categories." For example, if you're hosting a musical theater workshop or voiceover class, you could choose Musicals or Voiceover as your secondary category at Checkout. This is a great way to double the exposure of your listing.Workshop_03.png
  7. Listings should be written in a clear, precise, grammatically correct format. "All Caps" is not allowed. Nonobjective statements should enclosed in quotes and credited to "The school states" or "The producer states." Our editors will rewrite every listing to ensure it complies with Backstage's preferred wording and format. By submitting your listing, you're agreeing to these terms and conditions and understand that Backstage maintains complete control over the final wording that will be used in the listing.


*These specifications will also be available to you via the Casting Department. For more information, please contact with your questions

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