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What Kind of Opportunities Can I Post?

Backstage is dedicated to providing a professional platform for actors and performers to find jobs, and a trusted place for casting directors to explore and cast new talent. We know the entertainment industry is a tough one to navigate, not to mention fraught with scams that prey on hardworking artists. We also know that there are a large number of honest, decent talent seekers and business owners who are looking to find professional talent and build mutually beneficial relationships.

In order to ensure these types of connections on we’ve created some basic rules regarding what we will and will not post. While these are guiding principles, we reserve the right to not post any notice we judge to be in conflict with our mission to help our actors/performers.

What Constitutes A “Good” Opportunity 

  • Financial Compensation - In order to be considered a "Paid" notice (with Backstage's official "PAID" tag), pay must be guaranteed. This means you must pay a fair and reasonable wage for the actor/performer's work. Prospective pay (as in "actors will be paid if production gets picked up"), unreasonably low wages (e.g., below minimum wage), and providing just food and transportation are not considered paid opportunities. However, Backstage also welcomes no-pay volunteer and low-pay, stipend-based, and deferred pay opportunities as long as they are correctly designated with Backstage's "Not Paid" tag.
  • Audience Exposure - Opportunities provided by legitimate companies (including studio- and network-produced produced projects, notable theaters, well-regarded commercial brands, etc.) have a better chance of attracting a wider range of applicants. Likewise, projects intended for film festival distribution or with provable online distribution are desirable in terms of providing talent with the opportunity to reach a wide audience.
  • Education & Experience - Projects that provide an opportunity for the talent to hone their craft and gain experience and credits while working with serious professionals and indie creators. 
  • Student Films - Backstage welcomes student filmmakers to cast their first (or hundredth!) project with us. If you are a student filmmaker, we highly recommend that you sign up with your school email address to verify that you are, in fact, a student filmmaker or alumni of a known school.
  • Indie Content Creators - You should have previous credits or at least an online footprint (anything to confirm that you are a real person and legitimately working on a project). Exceptions can be made for beginners, but please be prepared to answer Backstage's questions and interact with Backstage's users in a professional manner. If you do not have the budget to financially compensate your actors, we recommend providing a copy of the film, meals, and (of course!) a safe and enjoyable working environment.

If you need to update the Pay status of your listing or clarify additional details about your project, you can do so via your Casting Dashboard's options for editing your listing. Or contact Backstage's Casting Department for assistance.

What We Won’t Post

  • "Pay-to-Play" opportunities - Projects that require the talent to pay a participation fee are largely discouraged. However, at the discretion of Backstage's casting editors, this can be allowed in some instances, within certain Backstage categories (e.g., Competitions, Events, and Workshops) if the fees are clearly spelled out in the listing, and the listing meets other key requirements. Please contact Backstage's Casting Department for more information. Note: If your listing does not specify any fee requirements but it's later discovered that the project is charging the talent, your account will be suspended; please be honest in your listings. 
  • Vague Listings - Please be as clear as you can about what your opportunity entails. Vague descriptions will almost certainly result in fewer applicants, a delay in having your casting call approved, a follow up email from our casting team, and possible account suspension.
  • Third-Party Promotions - Opportunities requiring performers to sign-up for or apply via a third-party product/site/platform or competitive service, unless otherwise pre-approved by Backstage, are prohibited.
  • Controversial Listings - Any content, companies, or productions that generate complaints from Backstage's users or violate Backstage's policies will be reviewed for possible removal and account suspension. This includes complaints regarding on-set work conditions, problematic audition procedures, spam-like communications, etc.
  • Adult Content - Certain opportunities of an adult nature may not be allowed, and pornographic content is forbidden. Although there are many examples in entertainment today that skirt this line, let's just say we'll know it when we see it, and we reserve the right to deny these opportunities from being posted on our platform purely on our own discretion. Productions can cast for roles that involve nudity and sexual situations, but these requirements must be clearly spelled out upfront in the casting call, and may be subject to additional questioning by Backstage to assure the legitimacy and professionalism of the opportunity. A failure to reveal such requirements upfront in a casting call will result in account-suspension if these requirements are discovered after the fact. (And trust us: The actors on Backstage will tell us if any funny business is going on.)



Backstage limits the number and types of listings allowed in regards to non-casting opportunities such as workshops, classes, fee-based events, competitions, and training-related services that can be posted to the casting area of the site. Additional restrictions and rules apply for these non-casting opportunities. If you are looking to post a workshop notice, please click here


Other Considerations

Please post your casting notice using an email address that you check regularly. Email notifications will be going to the email address attached to the notice, as well as any password reset links, and any follow-up emails from Backstage. Your email address is also your username to login! 

If you do not respond to Backstage's emails in a timely matter, your notice may be temporarily hidden your account may be deactivated until you reply.

Please read through our Casting Terms for more details on our policies, deadlines, and other conditions for posting listings with Backstage.

If you have any other questions about posting a casting notice or need assistance, please contact Backstage's Casting Department or visit our handy Casting System Guide.


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