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Locating Your Renewal Information

Backstage users can find their subscription and renewal information pretty easily so they can effectively manage their accounts.  These details include the subscription type, the price, the renewal date, and other useful specifics.

How to Locate Your Subscription Details

  1. Once you've logged into your account, click on 'My Account' in the upper right corner of the window, then select Account SettingsEdit_Profile_-_Basic_Details___Backstage_com.png
  2. Once you're in your Account Settings, click on Subscription Info.Backstage_com_Account_Management.png

Active Subscriptions

If your subscription is active, you will see a green check and either the renewal or the expiration date (all Backstage subscriptions are set to auto renew as default). There is no option to subscribe, as your subscription is still active, but you will be able to upgrade if you have either a semi-annual or a monthly subscription.Screen_Shot_2017-03-22_at_4.40.19_PM.png

You will also see the your subscription type, the price, and when you paid last.

Inactive Subscriptions

If your subscription is inactive, you will see in bright red letters, "Not Subscribed" on the right navigation menu. You will have the option to renew by either clicking on the blue Subscribe button, or the red banner which takes you back to the main subscribe page.Backstage_com_Account_Management_3.png


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