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How to Search for Casting Opportunities and Create Saved Searches

You can search through all our current casting calls on the Casting Calls page.  We've got numerous filters you can use to narrow down your search for castings that suit your look, skill set, and the exact type of work you're looking for! 


Finding Casting Calls

Log into your account and navigate to the Casting Calls page on the top navigation banner of the website.


Once you come to the Casting Calls page, you can view all the current castings on the site!  On the top of the page are the filters you can use to narrow down your search.


Search Filters

The Search Filters are a great tool for you to search for castings around your location, for different production types, for union or non union projects and more! The most popular search filters will appear at the top.  These are: gender, age, and location, but more search filters can be revealed by clicking on the ‘More Filters' button highlighted in the image below.Casting_Calls___Auditions_For_Movies__TV__Modeling____Dance_2.png

Once clicked, the filters panel will expand to add a lot more filters to your searches.


After choosing all of your filters you have two options: you can either click 'Save Search' so you can come back to it again later, or just click 'Search' and your results will populate below.  


Saving Searches

As mentioned above, you can click the 'Save Search' button so you can come back to it at a later date and also get notifications when new castings are posted that match your search.  

  1. To save a search, you'll select the items you want, then click Save Search at the bottom:Casting_Calls___Auditions_For_Movies__TV__Modeling____Dance_3.png
  2. You'll then get a pop up window where you can give your search a name and set the email notifications you'll receive automatically when a casting call matches your criteria.  Click 'Save' to save the search.Casting_Calls___Auditions_For_Movies__TV__Modeling____Dance_4.png

Once saved, you'll see it below the Search Filters from now on.  In the future, simply click on it to see it's results.Casting_Calls___Auditions_For_Movies__TV__Modeling____Dance_6.png

To delete your search, just click the trash can icon next to the saved search, and then 'Delete' in the pop up that appears.



To Edit the notifications for your Saved Searches:

  1. click on the pencil icon next to the title of your search.Casting_Calls___Auditions_For_Movies__TV__Modeling____Dance_5.png
  2. You'll get a pop up window that will allow you to modify the name of the search, and the notification frequency.  Click on the 'Save' button to apply the changes.Casting_Calls___Auditions_For_Movies__TV__Modeling____Dance_7.png
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