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What To Do If You Don't Receive Your Copy Of Backstage Magazine

If you are a print subscriber and have not received your copy of Backstage magazine, there are a few issues that can be the reason for this. 

Please note that is is vitally important to keep your address up to date with us. If you relocate, please remember to change the address in your account manually or contact a customer support representative so that they can do that for you. We wish for all subscribers to have an enjoyable and trouble free magazine subscription.


Contact Customer Support

You can reach out to Backstage Customer Support to get more details.  The customer support representative will be able to check to make sure whether your issue was shipped, the status of your subscription, and the accuracy of the address we have on file for you.

For claims of missing issues up to 30 days old, we are able to send a replacement issue.


Contact Your Local Post Office

If the Backstage customer support representative was able to find that your subscription is active, that the address on file is correct, and that the issues was shipped out, the problem likely lies with the post office. 

Delays are usually caused by local post offices, rather than Backstage shipments. Our magazine gets printed on Tuesdays and is quickly shipped out to our subscribers. However, some local post offices sort periodicals based on volume within a zip code, and won't send them out for final delivery until they've built up a certain amount of publications.  This can sometimes be days or weeks later.

In these instances we recommend customers contacting their local post office, as this usually gets the situation corrected.



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